Attracting a dream man is every woman’s dream, however there are various ways of achieving this without being bitchy or tagged cheap, especially in a society where people disapprove of women making the move of asking men out. There are various ways to a market so as a lady you can adopt the following method to attract a man without losing yourself worth both in the society and before the man in question.


  • The first thing to be done on yourself; you have to develop yourself esteem, ego and confidence: - enjoy who you are, look up to yourself and not down on yourself, cherish yourself and being alone i.e enjoy your own company, carry yourself with charisma and dignity. Tell yourself I am a unique creature of God, no one on planet earth is like me, cherish your good attributes and strengths. Appreciate yourself in fact celebrate yourself, raise your head and shoulder high among the crowd and when with people.
  • Believe in yourself and your abilities, strive to improve on yourself, your skills, strengths and abilities and try to minimize your weaknesses by working on yourself.

            Note that men are attracted to women who know who they are and carry              themselves with pride.

  • Be your own best friend: - cut off friends and relationships that brings you down or make feel inferior thereby losing your self-worth, severe them, they are not healthy for you. Be around people  that appreciate/celebrate you. cherish yourself and being alone, enjoy your own company.
  • Look good always: - Ensure you always wear fitting clothes and take good care of your body, always wear a deodorant or perfume, know the looks, make over, hair and dresses that suit you most and always wear that look, you can ask friends, relatives or even consult an expert for that. Know the appropriate dress for every event/occasion especially if the man will be at the location, dress properly and responsively so he doesn’t take you for a slut. Look good, smell nice and make sure you are in shape, therefore you need to practice good hygiene, exercise and eat healthy.
  • Attraction also have to do with your mood, facial expressions and your body language: - especially when the man is around you, remember first impression lasts long and action speaks louder than words. Your body has a language that communicates faster than words, you don’t have to always stare at him but you can have a good long gaze occasionally when he is looking at you this will show interest.

Don’t look desperate or try to flirt but create a clear happy atmosphere with your face and body and always wear a smile especially when he comes close, let your smile be natural and calm.

  • Ensure you have his attention by maintaining eye contact with him: - try to get closer but don’t flirt, if close enough you can touch him and even ask some questions for instance ask him for directions or complement him about his looks, good qualities/abilities you have noticed or as speech/presentation well delivered.
  • The conversation proper: - After complementing him or asking him for direction definitely it is possible a conversation emerges from there, so ensure the green light is on by paying attention to him and showing you enjoy his company and the conversation by always being in the optimistic /affirmative mood. Be friendly and humorous but be sincere in your conversation with him.

Ensure you contribute positively to the conversation, men are attracted to intelligent women and who are fun to be with, be smart, share your interests, experiences, information/knowledge… through the conversation you can schedule the next meeting….

If despite all you have done he does not show interest don’t feel rejected or dejected because it may mean that he is already taken or you are not his type so, stay up and move on, continue with your new found way of life and its only a matter of time, within a short while you will attract someone that really appreciates you.