About Us

Connect & Marry (CaM) is NOT a dating platform, it is the number one match-making platform in Nigeria. CaM is not for those seeking one-night stands or casual sexual encounters; it is strictly for those who wish to get married in the shortest possible time.

Consequently, CaM is intolerant of time wasters, relationship scammers, prostitutes and pimps. In furtherance of the objective of keeping the site safe and effective, members are required to be verified with a government approved photo ID.

Premium users get additional benefits of having their preferred partners checked out by CaM team who are experts at this exercise. A thorough background check which may include physical verification of claims of identity and location, place of work or business.

CaM is committed to bringing love and the joy of marriage to all who desire and long for these.

This site was borne out of years of offline experience in match making In this part of the world.

CaM acknowledges the fact that there are many out there who are still single simply because they have not been fortunate enough to meet the partner of their dreams.

Many have compromised on their requirements in a man or woman that would bring them love and happiness. This ought not to be! Everyone deserves the very best in a partner. Second best and "compromise" spouse strategies for marriage often lead to a rapid approach to divorce and or unnecessary emotional turmoil and suffering.

CaM is a subsidiary of Unival Infotech Ltd, a Nigerian company with concerns in Consulting, ICT, Healthcare and Relationship management.